Service and Maintenance

Cleanroom Projects have lengthy experience with maintaining equipment, ranging from mechanical and electrical aspects, to functional and validation tests.

We are often contracted as the service and maintenance providers on our cleanroom installations, due to our in-depth knowledge from the ‘bare’ building fabric right up to the finished article. This gives us the advantage as we are in the unique position of knowing the facility inside and out.

Our knowledge and experience covers:

  • Air Handling Units
  • Cleanrooms
  • Mechanical Aspects
  • Electrical Aspects
  • Validation
  • Documentation

Cleanroom Tests:

  • Airflows
  • Air Change Rates
  • Particle Count Monitoring
  • Room Pressures
  • HEPA Filter Integrity Testing (DOP)
  • Light & Sound Tests
  • Temperature & Humidity Tests
  • Calibration of Magnehelic Gauges
  • Door Interlock Operation
  • Rebalancing where necessary

Air Handling Unit Tests:

  • Replacement of Pre-Filters, Panel Filters, Bag Filters
  • Inspection of Ductwork
  • Check all Electrical Services
  • Inspections of Coil Fins, Flexible Couplings, Anti-Vibration Mountings, Condense Drains