Transportable Cleanrooms

Our Modular Cleanroom Facilities are ideal as NHS Pharmacy Department Aseptic/Isolator Dispensing Units. Our transportable cleanroom solutions are available for sale or hire. We can offer a variety of colours to suit site conditions and minimize visual impact on the surrounding area.

Cleanroom Projects transportable cleanrooms are stand-alone, self-contained buildings available in a variety of sizes and building specifications which can also include Anti Vandal accommodation. Based on modular methods of construction, the units are provided with all of the necessary services required to sustain a cleanroom environment. They are an ideal, economic and fast solution if internal space is at a premium or whilst a cleanroom is being constructed or altered.


  • Fast Construction Period
  • Minimal Site Disruption
  • Flexible Layouts
  • Compliant with UK Building Regulations and EU GMP Requirements
  • High Quality Internal Environment
  • Temperature Controlled
  • Available with Pharmaceutical Isolators or Safety Cabinets


  • Pharmacies
  • Biotechnology
  • Containment Facilities
  • Research
  • Tissue Culture
  • Tissue Banks

Advantages of choosing Cleanroom Projects Modular Pharmacy Accommodation and Cleanrooms

Ready Made

Our Modular Pharmacy Accommodation, based on proven modular construction methods provides a ready-made solution for temporary accommodation that may be required as part of a refurbishment or new build project. The buildings are fully compliant with UK Building Regulations. Pharmacy Aseptic Cleanrooms are vital to NHS Dispensing operations and Cleanroom Projects has many years’ experience in the design, installation and validation of such facilities within the NHS.

Cost Saving

Can produce significant savings compared with conventional methods. Site works are minimised and the construction period is controlled. Facilities constructed under controlled factory conditions. An ideal concept for high performance cleanrooms.

Time Saving

A two-step process, the facility is constructed off site at our factory, and the site preparation can be completed in this construction phase. The building is delivered to site and positioned on the foundations. Installation of modules usually takes just a number of days.


Ensures a high quality building. Construction is easily managed within a factory environment; speed and cost is controlled.


Modular buildings are able to be relocated if required. This offers flexibility and economy.

Convenient and Safe

Designed to provide safe and pleasant working conditions for the occupants.

Optional Equipment

Closed circuit TV system, Intercom, Fire Detection and Intruder Detection and also be fitted upon request.

Flexible Layouts

Admin, Drug Information, Staff Rooms, Pharmacy Stores, and Prescription Collection: can all be accommodated within Cleanroom Projects Pharmacy Modular Buildings.